About Me

Back in the days of Myspace and AIM, I used to be good at writing About Me’s. I’d start off by saying something slick like, “Hi, my name is Emily. Champagne for my real friends. Real pain for my sham friends.” Little did I know that I was far from slick. How come no one ever told me?! It’s ten years later and I’m still pretty crummy at thinking up introductions. There are a lot of things I do better, like: style interiors, eat Chic-Fil-A, tend to my houseplants, and sing “Despacito” to my pup Opal. But without further ado here’s a little bit about Emily:

Let’s get back to the styling part.

Who knew that in the small state of Rhode Island, an everyday girl like me could work out of the comfort of her home and SUCCEED? I’m a product stylist and brand influencer.. now turned blogger. Over the past year I’ve had the pleasure of working with fantastic companies such as Allmodern, HomeGoods and Christmas Tree Shops. Thus far my work has been shared by HGTV, Nate Berkus, Domino Magazine, and The Every Girl.

There are two things that have always been ingrained in my DNA: design and writing. Why it took me so long to combine these passions, I’ll never know. Probably because I was too busy trying to get Ryan Gosling to love me. (Dang you Eva!) As I continue to grow, I thought it would be fitting to create a place to document my designs, projects, and ideas. Because let’s be honest, I have way too much to say for Instagram. People turn 110 before they finish reading the captions on my posts. But this will be a safe place where we can joke, dream, and shop. (And no one will ever tell me that I have reached my character limit.) So here’s to the new blogging adventures of emilyeveryday. Thanks for coming along for the ride!