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How To Change A Showerhead

February 19, 2019

I believe that there is a secret pact among landlords to keep their tenants cold and crouched by installing the cheapest showerheads on the market. Which is why switching to the Pfister Vie was first on my to-do list when I moved into the new apartment. Huddle under your stationary spouts no more my friends, for today I’m teaching you how to change your showerhead!

More of a visual learner? You’re in luck! Scroll to the bottom to watch my step-by-step Youtube tutorial.

Before You Begin

Make sure to have the above tools on hand because no one wants to go to the hardware store halfway through a project! The biggest decision is picking a new showerhead. I chose the Pfister Vie Handheld in Polished Chrome from Lowes due to it’s HydroDrench nozzle that delivers larger drops and retains heat longer! (Yes please!)

Step 1. Remove Old Showerhead

  • Grip the wrench around the notch of your current showerhead
  • Turn wrench counter-clockwise
  • If you’re having trouble removing the old showerhead, clamp the jaws of the pliers around the shower arm for added torque
  • Use a towel underneath these tools to protect the metal finish

Step 2. Screw On New Mount

  • With the old showerhead removed, clean any exess residue from the exposed pipe
  • Wrap the threads of the pipe with 2-3 layers of Teflon Tape to prevent leakage
  • Press the tape into the threads
  • Attach new showerhead mount onto the arm by turning in a clockwise direction
  • Tighten with wrench
  • Turn the water on and check for any leaks

Step 3. Attach Hose

  • Attach the hose (if you have one) to the new mount and tighten by hand
  • Turn on water again and check for leaks

Step 4. Attach Showerhead to Hose

  • Attach showerhead to the other end of the hose and tighten by hand
  • Check for leaks one last time
  • If leaks occur, apply Teflon Tape and tighten with wrench until the leaks stop

The Finished Product

And there you have it – the quickest DIY on the blog! Much easier than Installing a Light Fixture or switching out your sink faucet. So take the twenty minutes to make the change, no more waiting around for someone else to do it for you!

Video Tutorial

For those of you who would rather watch than read, here’s my 3 minute video tutorial on how to change your showerhead!


This post is in partnership with Pfister Faucets. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Emilyeveryday up and running.

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