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What The Heck Is Hygge? A Cozy Fall Bedroom Refresh

October 16, 2018

If you spend any time perusing interior design trends, then you probably noticed an odd word being thrown around: Hygge. It’s pronounced hoo-gah but you better believe I say hi-gee in my mind! Although there is no one-word translation for the Danish term, it is used to describe a cozy sense of being. Picture a crackling fireplace, finger-less gloves hugging a mug of hot cocoa, a warm flannel blanket to snuggle under. Hygge is more than just a design trend, it’s a lifestyle. I haven’t been able to implement the entire mindset but with the help of my friends at Bed Bath and Beyond, I have successfully mastered the art of hygge in my bedroom! Here are some tips to make your space cozy for fall:

Calm Color Scheme

Hygge is all about slowing down and simplifying. Choose a calming color scheme that allows you to focus on leisure time. Scandinavian design is often monochromatic. (Think black, white, and wood.) If this isn’t your style, try incorporating a subtle mix of harmonious shades. In the bedroom, I used neutral tones of grey and cream with a deep navy from these UGG Fremont Throw Pillows. 


No fireplace? No problem – just gather up a few candles and let their flickering light fill your bedroom with warmth! Whether scented or unscented, candlelight is seen as one of the most fundamental hygge moments to achieve. My latest obsession? Yankee Candle’s Warm Luxe Cashmere – the perfect blend of smooth vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood. 

Layers and Textures

In order to create a relaxing space, don’t forget to add soft textures and endless layers! Think chunky knits, faux fur rugs, and fluffy comforters like this one. The more throw pillows, the better! This will ensure that your room has an inviting lived-in feel that encourages gathering and togetherness. 

Fairy Lights

Add some ambient lighting to create a cozy and relaxed setting! These fairy lights are 20 feet long, battery operated, and the perfect addition to my otherwise lackluster mirror. Not to mention they have an automatic timer that turns them on at dusk – perfect for warming up cold Autumn evenings! (And acting as a nightlight for those of us who are scared of the dark. ;))

Chunky Blankets

Is there anything cozier than snuggling up in a hand-knit cable throw? I’m going to venture a no. Instantly add hygge appeal to your bed by tossing a chunky blanket on top. Pair it with this matching Nautica Seaward Throw Pillow and a mug of mulled cider to achieve the perfect sanctuary of comfort. But remember – unplug those electronics and curl up with a good book instead!

How to Hygge


This post is in partnership with Bed Bath and Beyond. However, all thoughts are genuinely my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that keep Emilyeveryday up and running!

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